LaBan Foods

Referentstory SIMATIC IT Preactor

LaBan Foods is the largest specialized manufacturer of herb butter in the Netherlands. Apart from their own label, LaBan also manufactures private label herb butter for such supermarket chains as Jumbo and C1000. Every day the company faces challenges in order to play a successful role in the dairy industry. For instance, LaBan has to take into account short delivery times because the food they manufacture have a short shelf life. This means that rapid changes need to be made during the production process. A challenge is presented by the broad assortment and the many forms of packaging which need specialized production planning software.

“The production planning software of Preactor has enabled us to plan more efficiently”.

Control of the production FLOOR with to-the-minute accuracy

After planning has released the Schedule, all relevant data – such as start/stop times – are transmitted back to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database. As a result, the production floor can be controlled with to-the-minute accuracy. LaBan Foods is now in a better position to promise their clients short delivery times and to deliver with reliability.

Laban Foods

“The production planning software of Preactor has enabled us to plan more efficiently. Forgetting to include orders in production planning is a thing of the past, because orders are retrieved based on the sales orders in Microsoft Dynamics NAV”. LaBan Foods uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV in combination with SI Foodware by Schouw Informatisering. Preactor’s production planning software is used for making the daily detailed planning. The Schouw Informatisering’s add-on controls this planning tool, which means the detailed planning can be made much faster. When compiling the detailed planning, Preactor’s planning program takes into account the actual available capacity (finite capacity), which clearly shows immediately whether orders will be manufactured on time.

“All our production lines have been entered into Preactor’s planning tool, which gives you a good idea of which machines are available. Drawing up productionplanning in Preactor enables you to make a better planning of employees and you can see in advance whether you will need to hire extra people”.

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